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  • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Releases 2016 Digest of Lessons Learned from 27 Major Maritime Casualties

    According to the NTSB press release (, “The lessons learned from the investigation of 27 major, maritime accidents involving loss of life, injuries and property damage are detailed in the National Transportation Safety Board’s Safer Seas Digest 2016, released online Thursday [7/27/17].

    The publication is a compendium of the marine accident reports that the agency adopted or issued during calendar year 2016. The 68-page Safer Seas Digest 2016 contains information that can help mariners at the deckplate level prevent future accidents, and, can help maritime industry C-suites build and sustain a culture of safety at sea.

    The lessons learned in the Safer Seas Digest 2016 are highlighted in 10 categories including Standard Maintenance and Repair Procedures, Operational Testing Procedures, Operating in Strong Currents, Familiarization with Local Recommendations, Bridge Resource Management, Safety Equipment and Access to High-Risk Spaces. The remaining three categories, Distraction, Fatigue, and Use of Medication While Operating Vessels, relate to issues on the NTSB’s Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements, highlighting the multi-modal nature of these threats to transportation safety.”

    The digest includes lessons learned from four towing vessel collisions and one towing vessel fire.  It also discusses the 2008 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the NTSB and the U.S. Coast Guard as to which agency leads the investigation of any particular major marine casualty.

    You can download the pdf file containing the digest, which includes photographs of the involved vessels and which is attractive and professionally-produced, here:


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