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Commercial Contingent Fee Litigation

Commercial Contingent Fee Litigation

Pittsburgh, PA, WV, OH, & MA Contingent Fee Commercial Litigation

Pittsburgh-based contingent fee commercial litigation lawyers representing business owners in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

Based in Pittsburgh, we represent companies in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Massachusetts in commercial litigation. We represent businesses in state and federal courts, primarily in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Massachusetts for breach of contract, antitrust law violations, business torts (such as tortious interference with contract), insurance coverage and bad faith, and fraudulent and unfair trade practices (including claims under state unfair and deceptive trade practices and consumer protection laws).

Contingent Fee (No Recovery, No Fee), Blended, and Hourly Fee Structures

Clients may be particularly interested in G&O’s willingness to forego the traditional dollars times hours fee structure — the billable hour — and instead handle significant (meaning several hundred thousand dollars up to several million dollars) cases on a contingent fee.  Contingent fees perfectly align the interests of the client and the law firm.  With a contingent fee, we share the risks of litigation with our clients, because our firm does not earn a fee unless and until there is a settlement or judgment in our client’s favor.

If we agree to take a case on a contingent fee, our law firm advances the costs for the lawsuit, including the fees of experts, court reporters, and trial consultants.  Our client will not owe us a fee unless and until there is a settlement or judgment in their favor.  When we handle a case on a contingent fee basis, and when/if there is a settlement or judgment in our client’s favor, the client would then owe us the agreed-to fee and any case expenses (such as court reporter charges, expert witness fees, court costs, etc.).

We also work on a blended hourly/contingent fee or a reduced hourly fee in exchange for a defined success bonus.

Clients Should Reward Results, Not Just Efforts

We believe corporate clients, from small and mid-sized businesses to multinationals, should see value from their outlays for legal services, and reward results, not just efforts.

Our Collaborative Approach

For clients with an existing counsel relationship, we collaborate with your current in-house or outside legal team to achieve the results you seek.