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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

G&O is Here to Help During COVID-19

We’re coming into the office or we’re working from our homes, with our laptops logged-into our secure office computer server. E-mails continue to zip in and out. Our cell phones are tapped into our WiFi networks. We can hear you clearly. Our law firm continues to hum. We’re taking depositions and preparing cases for trial. Zoom has enabled us to take depositions, meet with clients, successfully participate in mediations, and attend court hearings remotely.  All our clients’ cases in state and federal courts are moving along.

Having been a paperless operation from our formation 15 years ago, we’re used to remotely and securely accessing our client files. Our powerful online legal research capabilities are unchanged. Your voice mails are automatically e-mailed to us. If you have our cell phone numbers, call us. Or email us. You pick. We’ll be as responsive as always.

For potential new clients, you can chat with us about your case on this, our desktop or mobile-friendly website, use our new case form, e-mail us, or call us (412-281-4340). We’ll listen carefully and compassionately, as always, to see if we can help you or your family. Our early meetings with you, given current precautions, may just be over the phone or via FaceTime or Zoom.

We, like you, are saddened by the deaths and hospitalizations, economic hardship, and lifestyle changes caused by the coronavirus epidemic.  We and the communities we serve and live in will get through these unusual times. This has been hard on many of our clients, friends, and loved ones.  And it will likely not be “normal” again for a long time, or perhaps this will be the new “normal” for a while.

Please join us in following prudent governmental guidelines on vaccinations, getting booster shots, wearing masks, social distancing, hand washing, travel precautions, etc. We join you in hoping this coronavirus situation resolves soon so that we can all move beyond the life and death, health, and economic impacts COVID-19 has wrought on our communities, our country, and this planet we all share.