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Nursing Home Negligence

Pittsburgh, PA, WV, OH, & MA Nursing Home Abuse, Neglect & Negligence Lawyers

Our Pittsburgh-based, PA, WV, OH, & MA nursing home negligence lawyers represent patients, residents, and their families when nursing homes, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities fail to take proper care of a beloved parent or grandparent, resulting in serious injury or death.

Contingent Fee Representation: No Recovery, No Fee

We handle nursing home, skilled nursing, and assisted living facility negligence cases on a contingent fee basis. We also advance the costs for the lawsuit, including the fees of experts and consultants. This means a client will not owe us a fee unless and until there is a settlement or judgment in the client’s favor. When/if such occurs, the client would then owe us the agreed-to fee and any case expenses (such as court reporter charges, medical records fees, expert witness fees, etc.).

We know How to Win

We know that hard work wins cases and details matter when it comes to investigating and preparing for trial a nursing home, skilled nursing, or assisted living facility injury or wrongful death case. We are known for our thorough research into the facts and the law of the cases we take on, and the compassion we have for our clients and their families.

Having been deeply involved in significant personal injury and wrongful death litigation for collectively more than 45 years, we understand the medical issues surrounding the serious injuries that can occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, including orthopedic and neurologic injuries. We also know how devastating it is when a beloved parent, grandparent, or elderly relative is hurt, or loses their life, due to the neglect or abuse of those charged with caring for them.