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Motorcycle & ATV

Pittsburgh, PA, WV, OH, & MA Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Our Pittsburgh-based motorcycle accident lawyers represent riders and passengers who have been seriously injured or killed by the negligence of others while riding on a motorcycle or an ATV.

Based in Pittsburgh, we represent people, and their families, in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Massachusetts who have been seriously injured or killed in crashes while riding or passengers on motorcycles, dirt bikes, scooters, Vespas, ATVs, quads, side-by-sides, and four-wheelers.

Have a Pittsburgh Motorcycle Lawyer Who Rides Dirt Bikes and
Street Bikes on Your Side

Fred Goldsmith (pictured below at the Cleveland Motorcycle Show) owns and rides street bikes and dirt bikes.  He has successfully completed the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program’s Basic Rider, Experienced Rider, BRC2, and Advanced Rider Courses.  He is a former member of Pittsburgh’s  Sports Bike Aliance, which promotes safe group riding, Three Rivers Competition Riders, Four Winds BMW Riders, and Mon Valley – Donora Riders Group.  He understands the machines, what it’s like to ride trails, in the woods, city streets, and highways, and what riders are up against, whether it’s careless or distracted car and truck drivers (like talking on cell phones or texting), defective road surfaces, improperly marked roads and construction zones, or reckless riders in the woods.

Motorcycle lawyer Fred Goldsmith has appeared on the popular Pittsburgh radio show “On the Road with Rocky” on ESPN Radio 1250 AM to discuss proper insurance coverages for motorcycle riders and what to do after a motorcycle accident.  You can hear part of the first show (Fred appears mostly in the 2nd half of the hour-long show) via this link.

Pittsburgh Motorcycle Attorneys Who Understand How Devastating a Serious Injury Can Be to You and Your Family

Having been involved in significant personal injury and wrongful death litigation for collectively more than 45 years, we understand the medical and legal issues surrounding the injuries, particulalry orthopedic and neurological, that often occur in motorcycle and ATV crashes.  We also know how devastating, both economically and emotionally, it can be to lose your ability to earn a living, or for a family when a loved one loses their life.

Contingent Fee Representation: No Recovery, No Fee

We handle motorcycle and ATV lawsuits on a contingent fee.  We also advance the costs for the lawsuit, including the fees of experts and consultants. This means a client will not owe us a fee unless and until there is a settlement or judgment in the client’s favor.  When/if such occurs, the client would then owe us the agreed-to fee and any case expenses (such as court reporter charges, medical records fees, expert witness fees, etc.).

Motorcycle Crash Checklist

  1. If you or others are injured, call 911 for EMS and, if applicable, local or state police, sheriff, etc.

  2. (If you are not taken to the hospital by EMS/ambulance/others), see your own doctor or hospital Emergency Room ASAP, as your medical condition requires.

  3. Get photos, or have someone else do so, even with a cell phone camera, or a disposable camera from a nearby convenience store, of the accident scene, vehicles, equipment, products, road and pavement conditions, road signs.

  4. If possible, preserve the accident scene and any vehicles, equipment, or products, involved, until such can be investigated.

  5. Write down the name, address, and phone number of all witnesses, particularly including those not directly involved in the crash, such as nearby businesses, other drivers, pedestrians.

  6. Immediately report the crash orally and in writing to police, describing how all persons, vehicles, equipment, and/or products played a part.  Make sure the police investigate and prepare a report.

  7. Try to avoid discussing the crash or giving a written or recorded statement to insurance adjusters until you have the opportunity to talk to your own lawyer.  You can call G&O 24/7 at 412-281-4340 or toll-free at 877-40-GO-LAW (877-404-6529).  Don’t sign any statements or settlement agreements, releases, waivers, etc. without first having a lawyer review them to make sure your legal rights and claims are protected and, if being settled, for an appropriate amount.  Remember that injuries can worsen with time, thus quick settlements before you know exactly what is wrong with you usually are not a good idea.

  8. If a motor vehicle crash, report it to your insurance company (but see #7), exchange vehicle, driver, insurance information.  Most insurance policies require that you report accidents and potential claims “promptly” or “immediately.”

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Basics

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability (BI/PD): This protects you for your legal liability for damages and injuries you may cause other riders, drivers, pedestrians, homeowners, etc., up to the limit of liability you have bought in your policy.
  • UM and UIM coverages are very important: They protect YOU if the other guy is UN-insured or UNDER-insured, meaning they have NO insurance or their insurance limits are not enough to cover all your losses from the accident, including property damage, medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering.
  • Comprehensive & Collision: This motorcycle insurance coverage pays to repair or replace your motorcycle if it’s stolen or damaged in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.  For each coverage, you select a deductible that you pay out of pocket.  The insurer pays for the remaining damages up to the policy limits.
  • Medical Payments / MedPay: This covers the cost of necessary medical care you receive as the result of a motorcycle accident and can be used regardless of who is at fault.  MedPay often is limited to medical treatment received within the first three years after an accident and is limited to a specific dollar amount.
  • Custom Parts & Equipment: When you purchase Comprehensive or Collision motorcycle insurance coverage, some insurers automatically provide Accessory coverage for your custom parts and equipment.  For instance, Progressive provides $3,000 of coverage and you can usually buy more coverage.
  • Roadside Assistance: If your motorcycle breaks down, Roadside Assistance will pay to tow it to the nearest qualified repair facility.  Roadside Assistance also covers the necessary labor costs at the place of breakdown when your motorcycle is disabled due to things like a breakdown, a dead battery, flat tire, running out of gas, or getting stuck in mud, water, snow, or sand in or near the road.

Free Post-Accident Credit Card Style Checklist

If you’d like us to mail you a free credit-card style heavy duty plastic post-accident checklist (see below) with our 24/7 contact info on the other side, just call us (412-281-4340 or 877-404-6529) or send us an e-mail and we’ll get one right out to you.